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We offer 30 minute online seminars providing your team with a helping hand in difficult times

The coronavirus pandemic has made some of our lives challenging and complicated. Working from home also provides its own set of challenges. Amongst the rapid change and surplus of information, we are providing a clear-cut guide on how to create a positive working environment at home, with practical tips on building habits and routines that promote productivity and resilience.

Our sleeping patterns, what we eat, our approach to media consumption and how we spend our leisure time all have an enormous impact on our mood, ability to focus and immunity levels. In this introductory seminar we talk through how your employees can adapt and achieve their goals in a new environment. We also run a seminar series which goes into the details of creating a healthy, happy and balanced working life. Because many of us are facing tough times, we’ve decided to offer 50% off the entire seminar series, and all proceeds will help fund an environmental conservation project Nick Hollis has been working on with the World Land Trust.

Wellness working in lockdown

Topics we cover:

  • How the brain responds to a crisis
  • Understanding what we can and can’t control
  • Why a positive routine is critical
  • Creating a high performance work space
  • The link between diet and performance
  • Maximising immunity
  • Controlling what we feed the mind
  • How to develop positive habits
  • Setting goals
  • Building a winning home team
  • Supporting positive mental health
  • Q&A session (time permitting)
  • Homework


"Great initiative, this is time well spent."

“Nick’s easygoing style, while discussing some very serious topics, keeps you hooked for the entire hour, and wanting more. Following Nick’s advice already has me feeling healthier, making the most of each day, and looking forward to the next session.”

– Ashley Juter

"Nick's energy and positivity is infectious."

“When we know better, we do better, and these wellness sessions are providing the motivation and inspiration to do just that. Nick’s energy and positivity is infectious and each week I’m finding new ways to improve different corners of my life which I’m also sharing with my family.”

– Carolina Peters

"I loved the diet planning the most."

“I enjoyed the sessions with Nick Hollis, knowing his methodology to keep both mind and body in good state. I loved the diet planning the most. The last session on behaviour and habits brought me great revelation as to what I have not been doing right in relation to my mental health. Please keep these sessions coming and I am sure it will benefit people!”

– Jamie Chen

"He delivers his talks with a very pragmatic approach, making his tips and advise easily adaptable to daily life."

“Learning from Nick and interacting with him has been quite impactful on our lives. His humility and passion is infectious and he delivers his talks with a very pragmatic approach, making his tips and advise easily adaptable to daily life. Nick shares that his mission is to cause positive change in people’s lives. How awesome is it to see this being realised and I can only wish that he’s able to reach out to more and more.”

– Monica Bermeo

"Nick gives practical tips that are easily digested and can be incorporated into your everyday life."

“He understands that we are human and have our weaknesses. Rather than suggesting an immediate lifestyle overhaul, he understands that these things take time, and small consistent changes are a better approach.

His passion and energy shine through (which is difficult to do via Zoom) and I find myself looking forward to his sessions. I have been eating broccoli every day (which I hate) so I guess his advice is already working for me.”

– Adam Fisher

"I would strongly advise it to everyone!"

“Each of the sessions left me with food for thoughts and a clear “to do” or “to think about” list that led to real achievements. I appreciated this very ground to earth approach with real time impact. Also, loved the spirit of the group, the interactions that we had. I was always looking forward for this mid-week rendez-vous ! It was a great way to refuel my energy and pimp my mood/spirit. I would strongly advise it to everyone! I was looking forward to the weekly webinar. It was fun, interactive, efficient and I did learn a lot. Thanks for putting that together!”

– Sophie Hartmann

We offer a seminar series

Ideal for weekly meetings, we run an online seminar series with 30 minute sessions taking your employees through every aspect of wellness and how it impacts our lives at work and in the home.

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