Seminar overview

The key to a healthy lifestyle is not giving into cravings. By mastering our compulsions, we can ensure we always make the right choice at the buffet or the bar, which increases our health and happiness. Once we have developed the skills to overcome our impulses, we are no longer pulled in two directions, this new and calmer mindset improves relationships and raises productivity.

This seminar covers all aspects of cravings for food, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes; among them: appreciating that your behaviours can be compulsive, a new model of change and developing a big plan. Using interactive methods, we provide proven techniques to ensure you can master your cravings.

Topics we cover

  • Recognising destructive behaviours 
  • The strain of compulsive behaviour 
  • Understanding cravings 
  • Rethinking transformation 
  • Making change easy 
  • Compulsive thought patterns 
  • Changing your thinking 
  • Foods to avoid 
  • Avoiding relapses 
  • Developing a big plan
  • Q&A session

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