Seminar overview

In this seminar we look at the importance of defining goals in our business and personal lives. Without these goals sustainable motivation and deliberate direction become difficult to maintain, and projects can flounder.

The process of goal setting involves identifying and considering our desired outcome, and then dedicating the time and resources to push a project through the pipeline. The success of a project depends on a combination of factors we cover in this seminar, including the habits that define our way or working, how we understand motivation and how we prioritise and design our day-to-day.

Topics we cover

  • Understanding motivation
  • The link between goals and success
  • Identifying ‘true’ goals
  • The process of goal setting
  • The importance of journey goals
  • The key to prioritising
  • Identifying required resources
  • Sticking to an action plan
  • The importance of habits and behaviors
  • Q&A session

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