Seminar overview

It’s no coincidence that the next generation of high-performing executives are also fitness conscious. Being physically fit is not just about how we look or whether we’re able to run a marathon. The often-overlooked benefits run far deeper and link to business performance, resilience and frame of mind. Most importantly exercise is scientifically proven to boost emotional well-being and foster mental wellness, which has a profound impact on all areas of our lives.

This seminar helps with understanding the benefits of physical exercise and provides the knowledge and tools needed to make a positive change, including practical tips and techniques for those with severely restricted time constraints.

Topics we cover

  • The 7 components of fitness
  • Human activity levels over time
  • The benefits of physical activity
  • Business leaders and their exercise schedules
  • How to be more active during the working day
  • How much exercise should we be doing?
  • The sitting disease
  • Barriers to exercise
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Making exercise a habit
  • Developing an action plan
  • Q&A session

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