Seminar overview

Bad habits cultivate a certain rhythm and culture that in turn impact our lives in an array of negative forms. From what we eat down to what we watch before bedtime, bad habits and behaviours have a dramatic effect on our mental and physical health; they waste our time and energy, interrupt our lives and can prevent us from achieving our goals.

In this seminar we answer the question of why we continue to repeat these habits and most importantly, how we can break out of them. We work on identifying habits that have a detrimental effect on our lives, and replacing them with positive behaviours to achieve long-term change.

Topics we cover

  • What are habits?
  • Why do we need habits and how are they created?
  • Why are habits so important?
  • Identifying the habits you’ll need to be successful
  • Identifying & replacing your negative habits
  • The importance of keystone habits
  • Why habits are more effective than motivation
  • How to make long lasting changes
  • Putting techniques into practice
  • Q&A session

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