Seminar overview

We invest a huge amount of time improving ourselves in the business world, but one essential component that’s often neglected is nutrition: our food for the body and brain. What we eat and the habits we build around our diet have a dramatic impact on how we feel and perform on a daily basis. This seminar looks at what we should be eating to perform at our best, and strategies we can utilise to incorporate this into our busy schedules.

In a dieting world fraught with misinformation and conflicts of interest, Fitways looks at the simple science behind nutrition and provides the undisputed facts regarding our bodies and the food we eat. Including: which foods give us lasting energy and improve our mood, which foods promote concentration and stamina and which foods prolong our lifespan and overall quality of life.

Topics we cover

  • The link between nutrition, health, mental performance and physical performance
  • The UK health Challenge
  • The dietary history of humans
  • Extreme diets: Eskimo, Sumo and Hunter Gatherer
  • Fad diets: dispelling the myths
  • Managing our demons: Fats, alcohol, dairy, meat, caffeine
  • Brain food and what it looks like
  • Avoiding the afternoon slump
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: healthy examples
  • Effective weight loss strategy
  • Q&A session

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