Why wellness should be at the top of your priority list

It’s no coincidence that the most successful organisations are buzzing with people who are happy, healthy and productive. Companies that create a culture of wellness – both physical and psychological – give their employees the energy and confidence to excel. Fitways Wellness seminars specialise in helping people fulfill their potential; we know how to switch people on, how to help people set and meet targets, how to make people feel good about the way they eat and keep fit and how to reward positivity. Fitways Wellness gets results.

The world’s most innovative and inspiring companies – big and small – have integrated wellness programmes at their core. And it’s easy to see why. Fit, healthy, mentally resilient employees have a higher quality of life and are more creative and fulfilled. The all-round benefits are tangible: People who embrace healthier lifestyles and engage with each other about exercise, relaxation and diet can create a culture of focused, productive work, boosting performance and profits.

"My team have already started making changes to their habits, which is all down to the team at Fitways. Investing in corporate wellness, no matter how big or small most definitely makes a difference."

– Tom McGibbon, The People Foundry

Corporate wellness programs are becoming an integral part of businesses of all sizes globally. With enormous benefits to both employers and employees, it is easy to see why. Giving employees the tools to embrace healthier lifestyles creates a more focused and productive work environment which results in improved performance and cost savings.

Higher Retention Rates

Reduced costs and loss of productivity due to employee turnover.

Enhanced Corporate Reputation

The energy and enthusiasm of your employees makes a big impression.

Positive & Productive Employees

Never underestimate the power positivity can have in the workplace.

Fewer Sick Days

Reduced healthcare costs and lost time.

Innovative Minds

Energy levels and levels of innovation are directly linked.

Reduced Stress Levels

A culture of wellness can transform the working dynamic.

Improved Sleep & Recovery

Well-rested employees are switched-on.

Higher Self-Esteem

Feeling good and producing good work go hand-in-hand.

To help your business develop a winning workforce, Fitways Wellness focuses on four pillars: physical activity, healthy eating, mental wellbeing and a positive environment. Our experts share the benefits of micro lifestyle adjustments that can bring about significant positive and long-lasting change to your team.


We look at the tools required to keep the mind happy and productive.


Keeping an active lifestyle can transform our mood and productivity.


What we choose to eat has a dramatic impact on our brains and bodies.


The workplace is an integral part of our overall mental wellbeing.

About the founder

Nick Hollis

Founder of Fitways Wellness

Before starting Fitways Wellness Nick enjoyed a successful career in the IT industry and with 15 years’ experience in management he has seen first-hand the stresses and pressures that come with working in the corporate world. As a Triathlon Coach, Sport’s Nutritionist and Mental Health First Aider Nick has a genuine passion for health and wellbeing, and understands the relationship between wellness and professional performance. He founded Fitways Wellness with the aim of sharing his passion and equipping others with the valuable tools required to build healthy habits and positive lifestyles. Nick also runs seminars about business teachings from his expedition to Everest and the Seven Summits, visit his personal website to find out more.

Seminars We Offer

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Resilience in the modern world

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Diet and business performance

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Habits and Behaviours for change

Explore why bad habits impact our mental and physical health, and what we can do to make a change

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How to be a Corporate Athlete

Understand the benefits of physical exercise and pick up the tools required to work toward wellness

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Living to 100 in the Blue Zone

We reveal what people living in Blue Zones are doing to achieve healthy, long lives and how we can apply these lessons

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Overcome Cravings

The key to a healthy lifestyle is not giving into cravings. Develop the skills to overcome negative impulses

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Mental Health First Aid Two Day Course

Gain practical knowledge and tools to support good mental health in the workplace in this two day course

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Mental Health First Aid Half Day Course

Gain practical knowledge and tools to support good mental health in the workplace in this half day course

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